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Submitted on
November 23, 2007
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You're Worth It
In this prison of emotions,
Not the slightest breath is drawn.
Visionary rays of hope enchanted
Amongst the broken and forlorn.

As I've lost the strength to fly,
Upon these broken wings.
Lost within the shadows,
But mourn no more -
In the faith your darkness brings.

(Well now you say)
Why did I go through it all,
Alone in darkest hours,
To slowly take the fall?
(Oh please don't stress)
Over what I've been through,
Cause I'd felt no worse of suffering,
Then being torn here from you.

Won't you forget all my suffering,
You'll only give more pain.
To see regret tearing through,
The love of you I regained.

These wounds will mend, where this bodies broke.
My mouth will form around the words you spoke...That night.
That made me see (Yeah made me see)
I'm lost in you, when you're found with me.


So please don't ever forget...
You're worth it.

[Guitar Break]

I'd surrender into my deepest fear,
Just to have and to hold you here...with me.
So please for once forget the past,
And all our love with last...for life.
I'm not sure what the original inspiration for this song was (apart from being in a relationship myself) but I'm getting the feeling it had something to do with someone who undergoes a lot of torment and punishment in their life... Maybe even sacrificing themselves for love.

And I guess the mention of a prison could be interpreted as literal as well as metaphorical, thus referring to a prisoner.

The title itself was actually inspired by the American Dragon Jake Long episode "Half Baked"
Jake: But what about you?
Rose: You can't save me Jake, it's too dangerous.
Jake: You're worth it.
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Ravenfire5 Nov 28, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
very nice song :)
Why must you make me so speechless?
Because I have mad skills? XD
:clap: that's beautiful, I know she'll love it ;p
Thanks! I'm glad you like it :D
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